Castell’Ottieri is a small medieval village in the municipality of Sorano province of Grosseto. Located on the hill in tuff, has ancient origins, as indicated by the various ruins around the village and by the rests of etruscan necropolis. The village , still partly, preserves the walls and fortifications that defended it from all sides. Situated at the base of Mount Amiata, rises to a height of 483 meters above sea level in the Stridolone torrent valley is skirted by the river Vaiana. The mountainous landscape is suitable for the production of agricultural products and cattle pasture. Is situated at the centre of the zone lined by Montorio,Castell’Azzara, Montevitozzo, Sorano e Proceno. Growing tourist destination offers tourists and travelers a trip to discover ancient traditions and uncontaminated landscapes.

Panoramica del paese